SafeTSystem™ is the name of a complete compressed air cylinder storage and handling system for SCBA and O2 cylinders, designed by our business to serve the firefighters who serve our nation. Uniquely portable and versatile, the lightweight, durable aluminum system consists of interchangeable holder carriers, storage racks, hand carts, and apparatus mounts. These convenient features can make all the difference in the difficulty level of a firefighter’s job. We work hard to make it as simple as possible.

Modern manufacturing methods and materials have made SCBA and O2 cylinders lighter and thinner while bearing even more pressure, making their safe transport a priority for firefighters and a focus of strict handling protocol by health and safety agencies. SafeTSystem is here to provide the solution they’ve been looking for. Our mission is to improve firefighter efficiency and personal safety and, ultimately, to improve firefighters’ odds of a positive conclusion to every emergency incident. 

Durable Hand Carts in Different Sizes 
We offer more than one way to transport cylinders. In addition to SafeTSystem, we sell plenty of hand carts and storage racks. They can provide cylinder storage and transportation solutions for all types of vehicles from boats to trucks to command vehicles. Storage racks are available in 3 different sizes to comply with department requirements and can be secured horizontally or vertically. Ask us about which storage method is best for your needs and department. You can see from our photos that we serve clients from all over. 

Any kind of cylinder storage and handling system for SCBA and O2 cylinders should always be made by professionals with efficiency in mind. Our company works solely in this field, collaborating with 3 distributors to get our products to fire departments everywhere. We know what our customers need to do the job of saving lives and protecting properties efficiently. 

How the System Speeds You Up 

With SafeTSystem, just one firefighter can carry up to 4 cylinders at once. No more struggling to hold just one or two; our equipment is easily strong enough to hold 4 to help you all save time. The fact that they’re more transportable means firefighters aren’t as likely to injure themselves or damage the cylinders by dropping them. The locks and T-handles of our device guarantee that the cylinders stay put when moving. Order it for your department today.

Contact us to learn more about our system. We serve firefighters nationwide.

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