Holder / Carrier

The SafeTSystem enables one firefighter to carry up to four cylinders at a time, and protects equipment by reducing cylinder maintenance and early replacement costs. No more lost time transferring cylinders from apparatus storage device to transporting device. Reduce firefighter injuries, both minor and major, and damage to public property.


  • Significantly increases cylinder handling efficiency and safety from apparatus to staging areas and refill sites.

  • Reduces firefighter injuries due to traditional carrying practices.

  • Provides a more organized and secure staging area.

  • Adaptable system to fit your particular configurations.


Durable and lightweight aluminum construction  

Available sizes for various cylinders:    

  • Mini (Oxygen D Cylinder)    

  • Small (4500psi 30min)    

  • Medium (4500psi 45min and 2216psi 30min)    

  • Large (4500psi 60min) 

The T-handle of the holder/carrier locks the cylinders into the device plus locks the device into the truck compartment, station storage rack or station high/rise hand cart providing safe and secure cylinder transporting.

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