Multiple cylinder storage & transporting on all types of Air Support Vehicles from Large Department (Air Light Trucks, Fire Boats, Heavy Rescue, Pump Rescue, Ladder) to Command Vehicles and Utility Pick-Up Trucks (Same Holder Carrier, Interchangeable). Available in three different sizes to suit your department cylinder requirements. Can be secured vertically or horizontally.

Storage Racks

The concept behind the SafeT System Holder/Carrier is simple. The T-handle of the holder/carrier locks the cylinders into the device plus locks the device into the Truck Compartment, Station Storage Rack or Mobile Cart providing Safe and Secure Fixed Storage. A quarter turn in either direction of the T-Handle allows an individual cylinder to be removed or the complete 2 cylinder Holder/Carrier to be removed from compartment or rack for manually transporting cylinders to and from staging areas and/or refill sites. This eliminates the extremely unsafe practice of handling high pressure cylinders by the valve handle or valve assembly. 

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